Orchid, Capricorn

As original gangsta Paula Abdul would say: Straight Up–

Orchid, and their long-player Capricorn, are Sabbath and Sleep worshipers– and they ain’t care who know. They describe themselves as dark psych-sonic blues. That nails it.

For you stoner/doom connoisseurs, however, you appreciators of the finer differences between acts– the fine difference here involves George Clinton. There’s the tiniest bit of funk on the riffs here (imported from 1971)– they swagger and shake that shit like they’re dying to get in your pants. There’s stank on it.

Album highlight: “He Who Walks Alone,” the most Sleep-inspired track, but with a backend backbeat that’ll rival the snare-strut at the end of The Gap Band’s “You Dropped A Bomb On Me.” [Refresher here.]

It’s generic, vaguely-Satanic, doom-influenced stoner rock– that’s having a really, really good time.

You want it.

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