Crone, Endless Midnight

Isis-ish, one-man show, dude was in Isis and all… a bit S. Barber and adagio for strings, alleged to me by a British man that it was about his (Barber’s, not the Brit’s) wife’s orgasm… slow and building, then world-shakingly powerful… very Pharoah Sanders-ish, very Spiritual-Blessing-ish… like bagpipes, swelling and receding sonically… sound like ocean waves on a beach with clear water under a single moon, ultimately God-like in power, yet only approaching a second at a time, patient beyond everything you know, swelling and pulsing, clit-like… majestic and simple… at times so oddly simple as to suggest backwards-played tape….

Drunk or High: perfect.

Otherwise: achieve Enlightenment, true peace and acceptance;

then, and only then, Completely Enjoy.

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