Brutal Truth, End Time

In a recent interview in Decibel, Danny Lilker said that Brutal Truth played, quote, alien grindcore.

…which is perfect and appropriate and encompassing everything John Coltrane,  Pharoah Sanders, the Michaels Twoyoungmen or Gira or any other shaman ever said, period. They’re words from the universe, from the Tao, of the Buddha, from god, from above, ideally from the very ether…!

End Time is extreme music, first– that goes anywhere it wants, at any time. It’s a perfect blend of the jazz ideal of improvization with the energy of extreme metal. If, like Sonny Rollins said, “Jazz is freedom,” then grindcore is The New Jazz.

They called free jazz “the new thing” when it came out– sounds like Brutal Truth are that now, to me. This is the stuff that will be classic and revered and staid and boring to kids in 20 years.

Tenor sax genius Johnny Griffin thought he was from another planet, too. Geniuses think alike.

Full disclosure–I fucking love grind; I worship it when it’s done well. I love grind in general; I love Brutal Truth specifically.

I could be doing Brutal Truth as a cassette of the week thing, since I bought Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses when it came out, but never really got Brutal Truth until recently, after years of jazz study….


“Small Talk” Danny Lilker bass breaks worth hearing in and of themselves….

“Crawling Man Blues” just that, riffs and riffs… as is “Warm Embrace of Poverty”… “Old World Order,” Picasso’s version of a consonant riff in a reasonable key… “Butcher” even further removed from the musical equivalent to non-Euclidean geometry, thank you Howard Phillips L….!

Cthulu metal…!

“Butcher” fades out in keys that would make Erich Zann vomit….

“Gut-check” continues to evolve disgustingly… is what you’re hearing meant for truly alien ears…? “Killing Planet Earth” off to new alien keys…! “Addicted” is pure fucking grindcore, music that can literally go any-Goddamn-where…! “All Work and No Play” opens with “Flight of the Bumblebee” bass and spirals off into psychosis….

“Drink Up,” with its Mr. Bungle, pinch-harmonic sludge riff opener, fires up black metal rasps over the riff in a somehow memorable way over a typical back beat….

Top 5 of the year, easy. Good shit.

Let yourself go and just listen… let it wash over you….



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