Eric Dolphy, Outward Bound (vinyl)

Upon a recent record-store trip, I was lucky enough to find this.

If you read Sawtooth Wave regularly (all 15 of you!), you know how much I dig Dolphy. I hate when someone says they have an idol, or someone who inspires them– it usually sounds like lip-service, but I genuinely love Dolphy (the motto of this site is Amiri Baraka’s description of Dolphy’s playing).

The vinyl, while not 180 gram, is still pretty cool sounding, a bit richer than the CD (which I’ve had for about two years and am fairly familiar with); the opening of “G.W.” is typical of Dolphy: harmonized Byzantine head, followed what is obviously Dolphy on alto sax (rather than his others, bass clarinet or flute) because apparently it’s the easiest for him to just flip out on– he makes Alex Skolnick look succinct when he gets going.

“Green Dolphin Street” is my favorite, but it’s LOLA (like one, like all), regardless of Dolphy’s instrument.

Bottom line: it’s fun, exuberant stuff. Like an optimist who’s not obviously an idiot. You know– rare as a unicorn.

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