Ray Charles, Genius + Soul = Jazz [Expanded Edition]

This one of those rare jazz records that I actually managed to successfully anticipate (the release on MP3 I mean); I’d been wanting this for some time, owing to the original version of “Moanin'” that’s on here (the Art Blakey version is one of the first songs I learned to play on the tenor sax); I had dilligently waited for the digital release of this, and once it came out I was thrilled to have it. Actually, un-ironically thrilled.

I know, right?!

This is the one album (to my knowledge) my mom and I both owned at some point. The “Ray Charles” I knew was the “Hit the Road, Jack” one– not this version. Shame. This Mr. Charles is badass, particularly on tracks like “Birth of the Blues,” “I remember Clifford,” “I’ve got news for you,” and the best of the lot, “I’m gonna move to the outskirts of town.”

It’s fun stuff.


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