Trap Them, Seizures in Barren Praise

Not really sure what the eff the title means. But man… I dig that cover: a monochrome yet intricate and detailed suggestion of suffering… Bosch meets Edward Gorey… an almost perfectly appropriate description, too, of the music of Trap Them– a detuned, doom-metalled, punk-ish, grindcore’d, D-beat sound of pure sonic fury… the kind of stuff that Monkey Defies Gravity lives for….

Opener “Fucking Viva,” somehow sounds like the cool version of Godsmack’s “Voodoo”….

Next, “Targets” roars out the gate at 1000 mph, like they’re pissed that Entombed isn’t more angry, man….

“Flesh and Below” sounds like Agnostic Front on Quaaludes and Crossfit workouts (imagine), and seven minute closer “Mission Convincers,” though it goes through several tempo changes, ends up sounding like a detuned Jimi Hendrix as played by the Infected from 28 Days Later.

The whole thing’s only 25 minutes, but it blazes by like a spliff laced with the Joker’s Smilex toxin.

Furious, fun psychedelic rage….

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