Micro: Pig Destroyer, Phantom Limb

Having previously discussed Pig Destroyer’s guitarist, Scott Hull, I thought I’d delve into their latest LP, Phantom Limb, what with its cover’s love of boobs, skulls, and the suggestion of vaginal folliculation, aka “bush”….

As it’s Decibel‘s album of the year for 2007 and their number 9 album of the decade… it’s made something of an impression on the extreme music world, I daresay.

It’s a great fucking death/grind album. And it’s not even their best (I prefer Prowler in the Yard and Terrifyer).

Ultra high-gain guitar tone (somewhat unusual for grind, or for that matter pretty much anything outside thrash), super-short, punkish running times, yet with complex arrangements therein… and somehow managing to be worth re-visiting. Pure, articulate fury.

My faves are “Heathen Temple” and “4th Degree Burns,” but they’re all good.

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  1. I heard they thought “cop killer” was too crass, so they made the name very slightly more coy about its meaning. Yeah, I agree, there’s definitely hooks. I can hum some of these.

  2. Only got into this recently. It’s more accessible than a lot of other grind-related music, which may have lost them some purist fans but I think is a good thing. There’s a degree of song-craft and, dare I say it, hooks. Quality record. Also, it has to be said, one of the greatest band names ever.

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