Micro: Witchery, Witchkrieg

I had never heard of Witchery until Decibel’s recent thrash metal hall of fame issue (their Restless & Dead was #42); I instead bought their newest, Witchkrieg, as that album was not available on MP3 that I could find.

They were, allegedly, superb blackened thrash.

And oh my– they so totally are. They overall add nothing to the pantheon of thrash metal thusfar, but they do it so goddamn well.

Clichés aside, I can’t stop listening to this one. It’s just really well-written, utterly heavy fast, ruthless thrash (with blackened elements). Clever lyrics, interesting arrangements…. “Witchkrieg” is the monster here, but they’re all great. I was going to put this in the top 5 of this year before I realized it came out last year. [sad trombone sound]



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