Momento Mori, Withered

I am really enjoying this one, of late– it haunts me. Like ghosts with a vengeance, or good metal.

Withered, Atlanta’s black/death/arty/sludge punk trio are best (ostensibly) described as blackened funeral sludge….

My faves are “Within Your Grief,” (a black metally, apocalyptic and/or symphonic end of all time, sad-yet-angry riff that goes on for some time but still seems sad when it’s done) and “Like Locusts” (with its Candlemass-as-death-metally funeral doom metal band riff) thus far, but who knows what next hour will bring? The more I listen, the more there is to this bad boy. It’s nuanced and fairly complex, and in my opinion is more of a doom metal than a black metal record, but it’s purely subjective, yanno?



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