Anhedonist, The Drear

“The Insatiable Hole,” track one, has one great title.

I actually only listened to this because of the unusual band name: Anhedonist, or someone who can’t feel happiness (“Happiness I cannot feel and love to me is so unreal,” after all).

It seemed to bode rather well for them. Perhaps ironically.

This is doom as slow as doom can get, pretty much, and still move forward. The tracks often start like radically-detuned death metal, then get funereal (as does the above track at about 1:30); there’s a real low-fi, live sound here: the drums (the snare in particular) pop over the weight of the sludgy riffs (some of which are, strangely and perhaps ironically, quite happy-sounding).

I didn’t think you could play a sludge riff and sound happy.

Anhedonist are sludge as played by more upbeat stoner bands like Fu Manchu. The Drear is three tracks (12, 10 and 13 minutes apiece). It’s slow as hell but surprisingly uplifting and psychedelic.

It’s only officially available (thus far) on cassette, and as of this writing there’s no youtube clips of them.

Get some underground shit: download

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