Top 20 Heavy Albums of 2011

Honorable Mention:

Indian, Guiltless

Top 20:

20: Skeletonwitch, Forever Abomination

Genre-less pure metal: 1982 Metallica, covering Iron Maiden, with Cronos singing.



19: Hour of 13, The Ritualist

Totally generic but awesome satanic Sabbath riff-worship.



18: Septicflesh, The Great Mass

Greek satanic death metal opera.



17: Dark Castle, Surrender to All Life Beyond Form

The most pot-informed Guru you’ll ever meet.



16: Archenemy, Khaos Legions

The death metal QueensrŸche of 2011.



15: Exhumed, All Guts No Glory

Best non-posing death metal album of the year: pure metal fury.



14: Criminal, Akelarre

Sepultura on Crossfit: death/thrash athletes.



13:  Landmine Marathon, Gallows

Straight-ahead no-nonsense death/grind.



12: In Solitude, The World The Flesh The Devil

The Ghost for this year; 1980s European heavy metal.



11: Rwake, Rest

Crazy screaming southern street preachers, preaching doom.



10: Atlas Moth, An Ache for the Distance

Innovative, creative psychedelic doom blues.



9: Earth, Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1

Drone masters return with a pure sheer weight and power that doesn’t rely on aggression.



8: Anaal Nathrakh, Passion

Industrial black metal– the sound of foul things best left undisturbed.



7: Acephalix, Interminable Night

Crushing D-beat crust doom with RIFFS: Entombed, even further detuned, if they grew up on Agnostic Front, the Cro-Mags… and Candlemass and St. Vitus.



6: Yob, Atma

The modern shaman, summoning the spirits of the All World with riffs of doom.



5: Northless, Clandestine Abuse

Son of Godflesh and Crowbar– the sludge blues of major depression.



4: Lock Up, Necropolis Transparent

Grindcore supergroup goes (well) through their Dark Angel phase– fast and aggressive as fuck.



3: Fuck the Facts, Die Miserable

Beautiful, swelling, continually growing and changing punked-out grindcore: funhouse-mirror metal.



2: Revocation, Chaos of Forms

Progressive/death/mathcore thrash metal: the most most genres in one album this year– where all of them mesh perfectly.



1: Brutal Truth, End Time

The New New Thing– what Coltrane and Dolphy were to jazz critics in the 50s, this beautiful grindcore work of art is to metal.


  1. Nice list – I haven’t even heard half of them! Definitely need to check out Brutal Truth, Fuck the Facts and Criminal. Need to sit down and give a proper listen to Landmine Marathon, Yob and Rwake. I just couldn’t get into Atlas Moth.

    Have a great holiday, looking forward to reading your posts in 2012!

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