Holy Grail, Season’s Bleedings EP

Ha! Get the pun? Bleedings…?

ANYhoo, dig that lead reindeer with the King Diamond makeup! Sweet, right?

For those of you not in your 40s, in the mid-80s, when King Diamond left Mercyful Fate the first time, but before his solo band released its first full-length LP, King Diamond released a cassette single of “No Presents for Christmas,” with the b-side of “The Lake,” a spooky non-holiday song. (My cassette was green and red, so I assume all of them were. I thought it was cool as shit.)

“No Presents for Christmas” was pretty much just King taking the piss out of Christmas/Christianity, as is his wont as a Satanist, I guess.

So, 25 years later (wow), enter Holy Grail: regular readers of this site might recall my waxing ecstatic about their debut LP Crisis in Utopia over a year ago. I love Holy Grail– I think they’re the best form of 1980s metal staples (operatic vocals with shredding guitars) but with a modern sensibility.

And now, for the holidays, dig their clever and fun update of King’s 1986 lead single (before Fatal Portrait), where the greatest of cover types of perpetuated:

the spirit of the original is intact, but there’s a nice update: for instance, in the original, there’s a brief interlude of “Rudolph…”, but in this one, it’s from a Charlie Brown Christmas, something I just posted about…! The production is overall much thicker, and the guitars are detuned a step from King’s version.

Not to coin a new phrase, but it’s everything you loved about the original, with a new twist.

Season’s Bleedings also includes a cover of Rainbow’s “Kill the King,” which, though interesting enough, isn’t nearly as great a cover as the one of Accept’s “Fast as a Shark” (originally on their first EP, Improper Burial), also included here with their cover of Exciter’s “Exciter.”

So, for our Christian readers, Merry Christmas! For everyone else, Seasons Bleedings! Go drink something with alcohol in it. I will.

But seriously though, not Southern Comfort 100– Jesus Buddha Christ that shit’ll give you the hangover of all hangovers. And I am, like Lloyd Christmas would say, a raging alcoholic.

Anyway, it’s awesome and all that. Check it out….


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