Crowbar, Sever the Wicked Hand

I’ve been listening to this one on and off for months now, and somehow suddenly noticed that there were no Crowbar reviews here…

…which seemed… wrong.

Is Kirk Weinstein and his Crowbar boys’ newest album in 6 years the semi-religious experience we’d hoped?

…Decibel magazine, after all, placed it at #29 of the year…..



Not really.

I’m pretty sure that the #29 placing was more a nod to Weinstein’s massive influence over/ creation of sludge metal in general.

Yeah, you say–but this is a site predominantly for riffs…. Are there great riffs on here, even if overall it’s not the best album?

Holy Goddamn Stoned Trippin’ Jesus on a stick– fiz-uck yes/ ja/oui/da/ci!

“Liquid Sky and Cold Black Earth,” after the requisite feedback, fires up a bowel-vacating riff that tells you exactly what Candlemass would’ve sounded like, were they from south Louisiana; “Let Me Mourn” opens with a fucking great detuned Behemoth of a riff, which then is actually topped by the riff that closes “The Cemetery Angels,” i.e.,  “BRING! IT! DOWN!!”– and it’s here that one notices the connection, mood and melody-wise, between sludge metal and traditionally-African American spirituals– not surprising, considering New Orleans’ Catholic heritage and slavery.

I dunno. Maybe I’m taking this too seriously because I was born in and am from New Orleans. Overall, usually one or two riffs from each tune beats the shit out of any new sludge that comes out now.

Maybe… this is good shit that could, no… should be… fucking Great.

The problem is, we expect so much from Weinstein– but only because we know he can deliver: his half-assed cast-off riffs are usually streets ahead of any kids’ new to the genre.

So get with it Kirk: quit screwing around and rock the planet with your sludge riffs. We don’t have time for less than your God-granted/ inspired best. World’s gonna end in like 12 months. Get on that. Make your potential manifest like the aurora borealis– or better yet:

nuclear winter.

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