Rammstein, Mutter

So, starting in 1998 I had a German flatmate who absolutely hated the German industrial metal band Rammstein: he viewed them as crass and needlessly over-the-top.

Later, in 2001, while in graduate school in Mississippi, I bought the cassette of Mutter, because I loved the single “Sonne” (and I still think of its initial countdown to ten in German as badass), which often came on (thank you, personalized settings!) the now defunct Yahoo! music.

Maybe it’s my own German heritage, but holy Teutonic shit- it has a Truly Great Riff. GODDAMN.

The entire album is, no shit, truly great, “Sonne” in particular. There are no weak tracks on the LP. It’s worth noting that I only speak German sparingly, but know every (German) word of this motherfucker.

I’ve bought all the subsequent Rammstein LPs since then, but none have been this good. If you have to hear the highlights: opener “Mein Hertz Brennt,” [My Heart Burns] “Links 2 3 4,” [Left two three four] “Ich Will,” [I Want] “Feuer Frei,” [Open Fire!] and “Adios” [you know] are classics.

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