Black Gold (single), Esperanza Spalding (featuring Algebra Blessett)

Call me crazy, but any woman who plays the bass (let alone an actual acoustic stand-up bass)– be it anyone ranging from Sean Yseult from White Zombie or Carly Kalafus from Kicking Daisies– is hot.

Spalding has gotten, justifiably, a lot of accolades since her debut a few years ago, but somehow a black woman with a huge afro who usually plays bass and sings like Alicia Keys is still not accoladed enough to me.

The lyrics here are fairly simplistic (“Hold your head as high as you can, high enough to see who you are, little man,”) and somehow reminiscent of Earth, Wind and Fire’s “Shining Star,” but the whole tune is cool as hell and uplifting, if not revolutionarily-new.

It’s a fun, simple, more-pop-than-jazz tune. But put it on in the background and you’ll feel good about yourself.

I guarantee it.*

Enjoy the video….

*This is not true to any extent.


  1. It’s certainly a feel-good song and video but it’s a little loose to really grab me. It feels more like a jam than a song. Still, wow, I’m with you on the all-round hotness.

    1. I agree; most of her tunes are pretty much jams, rather than completely pre-conceived tunes. I think the thing I like about the music (and probably part of the hotness) is that her joy in playing and singing seems genuine– listening to her, I feel like she loves what she’s doing in and of itself– it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. She gets pigeonholed as a jazz artist, but she’s really more of an “open” pop musician, I think.

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