Megadeth, Peace Sells… but Who’s Buying?

For better or worse, Megadeth, not Anthrax or Metallica or Slayer, was my gateway drug into thrash metal, metal in general, and metal guitar playing.

For many, many years, I had this poster on my walls while I played:

Pretty much still the greatest poster ever.

And the fact is, although in every album since this one (even including Rust in Peace), Megadeth de-volved.

But as an eternally-hopeful early-adolescent, this album was my high-water mark. I still aspire to be as badass as I perceived Dave Mustaine to be on this record, particularly in the “Wake Up Dead” video, then a staple of the new “Headbanger’s Ball,” in the title track, in the side two opener (ha! remember that shit!? SIDES and all that nonsense!), and in the album closer “My Last Words.” link to remastered album


  1. I have to agree with cheesesoda on RIP, definitely NOT a “de-volution”! And, bro, “Killing Is My Business…” ??? fuh-gedd-aboudit! THE biggest slap in the face to any other band in the history of everything. I’m NOT knocking your analysis of “Peace Sells…” but, broski, all of those early albums even (that one in between) “So Far, So Good…So What!” were all beasts!

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