Overkill, Under the Influence

Used to listen to this every morning before high school.

The first metal show I ever went to was Overkill, touring for this record with Nuclear Assault touring for Survive….

“Shred” was one of the first riffs I ever learned to play (I’m not certain, but I think Anthrax’ “A Skeleton in the Closet,” was the first)….

The first three Overkill records (of which this is the third) were much more obviously punk-influenced (as can also be seen on Overkill’s covers record Coverkill) and that “fuck you, let’s play really fast” attitude is still pretty obvious on here:

There’s the Overkill staple “Hello From the Gutter,” the aforementioned “Shred,” the classic “Drunken Wisdom,” (complete with extended opening acoustic intro in D minor), and “Head First.”

Like all Overkill records, there’s filler, but once you’re past that, what’s left is truly great.



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