Powermad, Absolute Power

I saw Powermad open for Sacred Reich and Forbidden. They had incredible sound: perfect EQ, the works.

To this date, I hold them to be a Truly Great Thrash/Power metal band. (Here’s the wiki entry.)

They were signed to a ridiculously major label at the height of the thrash metal craze in the late 80s (allmusic link here); started with a giveaway EP (The Madness Begins), followed up with their only to date album, Absolute Power.

(Here’s the EM link….)

I only knew about them at all, because of the presence in metal magazines of their “free” EP (if you sent away for it) and because the assistant manager of the local record and tape store (“Steve,” I wanna say) played the LP of Absolute Power, and at the 5:15 p0int (see below video) of the first song “Slaughterhouse,” singer/guitarist Joel DuBay hits Halford/ Tate-esque castrato heights on the syllable “house” as the song closes.

Absolutely amazing, to this day.

Fun fact: the song opens with a priest reading the 23rd psalm of the Bible to a condemned convict; to this day, my brother and I, when attending the funerals of both my mother and father, as the priest read this selection (as they inevitably did), looked at each other at the end of the psalm and air-guitared the first chords of this album.

If that’s not an endorsement….

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