High on Fire, De Vermis Mysteriis

There’s convergence, confluence, coincidence, coalescence… connection– hell, conjuration, this week… for one Matt Pike:

First, the announcement of the upcoming reissue of Dopesmoker, and today one De Vermis Mysteriis….

Here’s the review slurry, everything in one paragraph:

“Serums of Laio,” starts things off: bombast, staccato drum hits with riffs down in C and the faintest hint of a melody in the chorus, “Bloody Knuckles,” again with the tribal drums over a palm-muted, Sleep-on-amphetamines riff which becomes a “Dazed and Confused”-esque riff and then back to Mötorhead tunage… “Fertile Green” says fuck you, you’re not tribal enough to all the drums up to this point in its intro, before becoming Discharge-meets-Bad Religion in its furious downbeating riffage… “Madness of an Architect,” now with the tribal riff added to said drums to begin to succinctly suggest the dominant musical themes herein, baby… “Samsara” the Sabbathian instrumental… “Spiritual Rights” [and interestingly, not “rites”] is a prototypical headbanger, nothing more or less… “King of Days” sounds the Northern California version of Candlemass, and is easily the most downtrodden, funeral doomy number here… the title track roars out of the gate with infernal riffs, drums and, most obviously, vocals… “Romulus and Remus” has probably the best riff on here in its opening, all minor thirds, flatted fifths and pedal tones in C standard– for my money the best track on this one… “Warhorn” sounds like a Shrinebuilder outtake, but that’s not a dig, it’s just noticeably slower and with way more space between the riffs….

You now have all you need to know. Proceed, young padawan.

listen (on freaking NPR)

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