Grave, Endless Procession of Souls

I won’t bother to do a track-by-track here; I’ll just hit on the great tracks and why I consider them so. Sound good? Sure it does. You’ve got shit to do.

Overall, Endless Procession of Souls is on par with Asphyx’ Deathhammer— a great, slightly-modernized version of old-school/ brutal European death metal, with wildly detuned riffs and gutteral death growls not particularly-heavily modified electronically… no blast beats, but fast as fuck for the most part, with completely-unintelligible yet ironically-literate lyrics….

“Amongst Marble and the Dead” has a great sludge/doom riff between its galloping sections (and you notice the production is particularly nice: dirty/ ugly, yet each part is surprisingly distinct and clear… you’d think those two states would be mutually-exclusive, and yet this is apparently not so)…. “Flesh Epistle” swirls, back and forth, to and fro, hither and yon, like Discharge covering Swedish DM… “Passion of the Weak,” besides having a great title, flies hard and ugly out of the gate with a great riff and tempo… “Winds of Chains” (wouldn’t it be cool if this were a perverse cover of the Scorpion’s tune?) also starts with a great doom-ish riff and chugging drums (does anyone in Grave have a side project in doom/stoner/sludge?) and at 3:20 falls back into another great riff (reminds me of Ramesses for some reason)… and finally, “Perimortem” lashes forward like the second half of Slayer’s “Postmortem” (ironically or intentionally? I couldn’t say)….

It’s worth checking out. Investigate. See what you think. They put some serious work into this one.

[Endless Procession of Souls is released 8/28/12.]

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    1. That may not be surprising: when EPOS was streaming on, two of the members commented that they’d actually never used the Heavy Metal distortion pedal (all dials all the way up) that makes the Sunlight Sound. So Grave do not, in fact, have the SS.

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