Massive Words: me

I published a second book, Psychopathic Fiction, a few weeks ago. Today it’s available as an Ebook for the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook, and through Google books.

It’s a distilled version of my career working with Sexually Dangerous Persons in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts– if you like crime novels, you will enjoy this. I wouldn’t waste your fucking time.

Preview the whole novel here.

If you like it (and want the easier-to-use Ebook files over my posted .pdf file), throw a brother some cabbage, huh?


  1. Thank you, sir! I was curious to see how someone as educated as yourself would feel about the combination of academic-type passages with the hardboiled stuff. I’m actually a little relieved to see it wasn’t off-putting, for the most part.

  2. Definitely enjoyed the read. Great noir-ish set-up, lots of hardboiled sequences, and a distinct lack of squeamishness about the seamier side of the human psyche, all of which I loved. I’ll admit some of the more in-depth psychology stuff lost me occasionally but I was always sucked back in by the bare-knuckle bruiser of a plot. Nice work, sir.

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