Whitesnake, 1987 self-titled (aka 1987 or Serpens Albus)

The second or third cassette I ever bought… the first cassette I ever air-guitared with (the second was Great White’s Once Bitten, specifically “Rock Me,” to which I still rock out on occasion)…

And this rocking out, possible via the video for “Still of the Night,” was engendered by who I thought was John Sykes, but was actually Adrien Vandenberg in the video (remember, this was pre-internet; I just went by who the J-card said was the guitarist)….

I recently returned to this record because I was listening to a lot of John Sykes-era Thin Lizzy (e.g., “Cold Sweat,” a great riff and a great song), and this made me think of Coverdale and Co…..

Except for “Still of the Night,” the best tracks are not released: “Give Me All Your Love,” “Children of the Night,” “Straight for the Heart,” and “Bad Boys” are great hard rock tunes, and these less-indebted to the blues-rock that Whitesnake dealt in previous releases….

David Coverdale was “old” when this came out in 1987; how old is that fucker now? [Note: I just checked– he’s 61 as of this review; may I look that good in 20 years.]

Whitesnake (aka Serpens Albus in Japan and 1987 in the UK) is still, 25 years later, a great hard rock record: catchy yet heavy, the kind of thing you would only marginally be ashamed of blasting out of your vehicle of choice.

Not bad for a band whose name euphemistically means Caucasian Penis.

It’s $6 at Amazon!


    1. Perfect analogy! Love it. Slippery when wet is like that for me. Memories of sneaking my Walkman to bed and rocking out to You Give Love a Bad Name unde the covers.

    2. Europe was in about 1990 maybe 91 in Wolverhampton in a smallish venue of around 500 people. I was so young. All I remember really is punching the air a lot wearing my studded wristband (!) then going crazy when The Final Countdown was finally played.

  1. heehee. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the show “How I Met Your Mother,” but there’s this one episode where one of the main characters has a date to meet up with her high school crush from many years previous; when he walks in, he’s fat, balding, and just as stupid as he was in high school. The other characters are disgusted with him, just having met him, but the woman is still head-over-heels for him, because all she can see is the guy she semi-worshipped 20 years before.

    Whitesnake is my high school crush.

  2. Just NO! listened to this today out if curiosity and it is almost irredeemably bad. Here I Go Again gets some nostalgia points as it was massive in the UK and I remember being about 10 and loving it because my 18 yo sister was a poodle haired soft rocker and she played it all the time (along with Europe, coincidentally my first ever live show… I know). But in the cold light of day, this is limp, cheesy keyboard-sodden drivel. Shows the power of nostalgia, eh? Still I have a soft spot for poison and Bon bloody Jovi so what do I know?

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