Poll of the Year: Anti-Dealer Music?

I almost never do surveys, but I’m curious.

Let’s say the drug dealer beside you (and I’m not talking pot, I mean hard stuff and pills; the kind of dealer who attracts tweakers and junkies) is blasting some rap.

Now, I’m no expert at rap, but this stuff sounded pretty generic; not particularly heavy at all. Just LOUD.

What do you crank to counter this? What music, at first blush, is the most offensive?

I cranked Cryptopsy and their None So Vile, but also had Nachtmystium’s Assassins at the ready.



  1. The two most offensive things I have heard are In the Constellation of the Black Widow by Anaal Nathrakh and Solve et Coagula by The Secret. Lots of black metal offends my ears too: trebly, one-paced and montonous.

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