Witchcraft, Legend

If this isn’t on Bill’s (thesodashop.us) end-of-year list, I’m maxing out my credit cards for strippers, because the world’s about to end…

Like Graveyard, their nearest common ancestor (?), in the same way that two twins are alike–

One is slutty, and obvious, and ready to party (Graveyard), while the other is a bit weird, obsessed with the occult, and much frostier than her sister (Witchcraft)….

How is Legend like Hisingen Blues? Witchcraft is the same band as Graveyard:

Whereas Graveyard is rowdy teenagers at a kegger in the middle of a sweltering summer, Witchcraft are the same members, years later, in late Autumn/ early winter– chillier production, more sober lyrics, a bit more involved with the occult….

Legend is as hard as hard rock gets without actually being metal (not a bad thing at all)… you forget that hard rock done right (and this so rarely) is quite an awesome thing…. It’s AOR rock, if that still existed; very hooky and heavy at the same time….

There are great, actual songs, here– and these, easy to play (learned two while tuning a guitar in a common tuning, Eb) while still being awesome… singer (and no longer guitarist) Magnus’ voice is rippingly distinct, his lyrics even more so.

In all honesty, it surprised me how much I liked this one; my year-end list was almost exclusively grind and doom metal, but this one hits the top 5 of the year, easy; probably top 3 or 2….



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