First Hallowe’en Post: Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, Ghostmaker

Seriously, what does the fucking band name mean? That’s just weird.

Also, I love bands that fall confusingly perfectly between genres: if I had to try and nail down RG’s genre, it would be Thrashing Deathgrinders, or Deathly Thrashgrinders, or Grinding Deaththrashers….

This is a fun record (if you like grindcore/ death metal/ thrash metal, I mean); there’s a certain irreverent bounce to the whole thing, like many grind acts have, and which somehow reminds me of the late 80s band Scatterbrain– remember them? Like much grindcore, there’s an obvious debt, to the ethos if nothing else, of punk.

Further, there’s blistering riffs/ tempos, sections-generally-virtually-impossible-to-play-as-an-ensemble (à la death metal), and change-on-a-particularly-tiny-dime arrangments (like thrash) to further obscure genre and influences.

You know, sometimes I fucking love the internet age: it has birthed, in records like this, extreme metal that is otherwise virtually unclassifiable… one of the perks of the future….

Anyway, give it a listen and see what you think.

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