Hallowe’en 2012, Late Breakfast: Mordant, Black Evil Master

Do you miss Morbid Tales-era Celtic Frost?

If the answer is ja….

Have I…

got a band…

for you!*

“Rise of the Antichrist,” its main riff not unlike 1982-ish Diamond Head, i.e., the band who gave the world Metallica’s “Am I Evil?” and “Helpless…”

“Council of Evil” = essentially very early black metal like Celtic Frost, i.e., thrash metal, bordering on death metal, with satanic-ish lyrics.

“Sadism”: nice old school Celtic Frost riff; vaguely Kill ’em All-ish.

“Retaliation from the dark” = “Morbid Tales”… totally, Tom G. Warrior….


generic, but obviously loving the over-the-top antics of early Venom, Celtic Frost and Manowar– and they clearly love them some Mercyful Fate as well.

It’s nothing unique, but it’s really fun, proto-black-metal riffage. If you always wanted to be around when Venom first emerged, or miss those days, get you some Mordant:

amazon.com link

*You traditionalist motherfucker, you….

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