All Saint’s Day, 2012: Overkill, Taking Over

This came out just as I was getting into heavier metal… I remember I bought this cassette along with Manowar’s Fighting the Worldthe video for “In Union We Stand” utterly rocked me (to this day, Blitz’ line “From the ashes, we arise…!” still gives me goose bumps).

“Powersurge,” “Overkill II (the Nightmare Continues),” “Electro-violence,” and, in all seriousness, the truly great “Wrecking Crew” (“Put ’em up, we’ll knock ’em down, or knock ’em up… then leave town!”) are all on this.

The production’s shitty, but song-wise… Goddamn, this is fun, very early thrash metal.


  1. I’m not that familiar with Overkill, although I remember them from around the I Hear Black album. Wow I didn’t realise how operatic Blitz’ voice was in the 80s, he sounds like a young Bruce Dickinson.

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