Segment of the day: Intronaut, Gleamer (2:27 to 2:45)

In my mind “Doom Jazz” may be the single coolest hybrid genre title. Intronaut definitely embodies this.

It’s not a riff that I wanted to highlight here, but a particular section: and one in, off all things, 7/8 time.

It starts at nearly two and a half minutes, and only continues for a quarter minute, but man… it is fun stuff.

AND, perhaps more importantly, it’s also fun METAL stuff– it seems like most times, when music gets into weird/unusual time signatures, there is a definite intellectual reaction to this, accompanied with some delight, but the headbanging, “Did it swing/rock?” ethos is inevitably left behind.

This is psychedelic, doomy, jazzish, vaguely-grindcorey intellectually swinging metal.

For what more could you ask?

[To go to beginning of the segment click here.]

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