Metal Hammer/ Metal Forge’s Vol. III: A Tribute to Black Sabbath

I’m a great fan of Sabbath tributes.

Sabbath tunes (especially those off the first six records) just beg for re-interpretations: the riffs and songs are great –in many cases essentially immortal— but you can’t help but wonder what modern production/ recording techniques would do for them, in and of themselves (let alone, to boot, an actually-inspired cover, i.e., an inspired re-interpretation).

I still regularly listen to Nativity in Black, Vols. I and II, even though II mostly sucked.

Highlights here: Cavalera Conspiracy’s “Electric Funeral,” Amon Amarth’s “Children of the Grave,” Orange Goblin’s “Symptom of the Universe,” (they even do the second, acoustic, half justice, whereas most band neglect it in favor of the –admittedly superior–  riffage of the first half), and Turbowolf’s “The Wizard.”

Though, when all is said and done, my favorite Sabbath cover is Monster Magnet’s “Into the Void,” although White Zombie’s “Children of the Grave,” Sleep’s “Snowblind,” Kyuss’ “Into the Void” (warning– there are bongos, and awesomeness ensues therefrom) and (only the intro) to Exhorder’s “Into the Void” are in fact quite great: Monster Magnet, though, completely rearranged one of the top two of the greatest riffs of all time (even going so far as to give it an entirely new chorus, one not on the original) and totally made it their own, while keeping the spirit of the original intact.

It. Is. Fun.

Youtube link to preview

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