The Shrine, Primitive Blast

Primitive Blast, coverGoddamn, this album haunts me. This is some ridiculously catchy yet heavy punked out shit.

It’s surf metal via the Ramones… it’s Black Sabbath if they were from southern California….

It’s surf/stoner rock played by overstimulated teenagers who just discovered how much they like weed, and how much they like punk rock… MRSA-catchy songs on this bad boy, these Beach Boys of punked-out hardcore and blues rock….

There’s barely any gain on that guitar tone, à la Left Lane Cruiser, and they’re still tuned down (to D).

There is absolutely no pretension on Primitive Blast— they’re here to rock out, and nothing else.

They were even the subject of a Converse ad… Decibel put Primitive Blast at number 35 of 2012, i think….

Highlights: title track, “Louise,” and “Whistlings of Death” are fun fun fun tunes.


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