Bell Witch, Longing

bell witch, longing (gatefold)Well, Jacks and Jills, assorted other proper names… here we are again. Here, we have convened to conjure, to abjure, to discuss… one Bell Witch.

Which are two guys (Black Cobra/ Dark Castle-style, shown below) and no guitar, only bass. They’re on Profound Lore. Longing is seismic shift as music.

20-minute opener “Bails (of Flesh)” opens with a bass guitar sounding exactly like a tiger softly growling. The overall low-end of Longing is somehow comforting, like the way a cub feels sleeping on its mother, feeling the constant bassy thrum of her heartbeat, or explorers in Antarctica knowing that the volume and ominousness of the sounds they constantly hear are beneficial– it’s their heating generator.

bell-witchBell Witch are Earth-y. I mean, dudes have dreads, so you knew they were earthy, but you may not have realized the Capitalized kind also applied, yanno?

Yeah you do. You get me, you do. You get me.

And by Earthy, I mean slow and insidiously patient.

Overall, Bell Witch take their simple, dour, mourning, wounded, defeated, ruinous time.

This is their site. If you’re only happy when it rains, this is really fun stuff.

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