Cough and Windhand Reflect Their Negative Split

Cough Windhand split, cover image

“Throw your talons in the putrid air, and wave em like you just don’t care….”

Yay!* I was excited for this one. I actually make a list of upcoming albums I’m psyched for, this is the first (and probably only) advance copy on my current list.

Coming out 4/16/13, this split LP between Cough (my no. 4 pick of 2010 and my favorite concert of 2011) and Windhand (my no. 4 of 2012), is called, as perhaps you’ve surmised by now, Reflection of the Negative.

Cough has one song here, at 18:31 (as is their wont) called “Athame,” while Windhand follow up with two tunes, “Amaranth,” and “Shepherd’s Crook,” at nearly the same total running time.

Let me cut to the mother-fornicating chase:

neither of these bands moves one bit beyond what they’ve done before– but both return, and return with a vengeanceto their Places of True Peace and Knowledge and Confidence— their “wheelhouse,” if you will.

If you like either band, you will love what happens here.

That’s the best way to sound byte these two bands’ performances– should’ve just led with that as a lede, I guess.

Now, I don’t know if the title references some ironic, post- post-modern metal take on Jung’s “shadow self” concept (I’ll just assume it does), but I am digging this bad boy.

This just made my day. If the band names Cough and/or Windhand mean anything to you, you may garner the same experience.

listen here

preorder here

*Yes, metalheads, sometimes I actually do spontaneously say “yay!” If you don’t, you’re listening to the wrong kind of music.

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