Hiromi, blah blah blah

Hiromi_Move_5x5CMYK300dpiThe Japanese jazz piano virtuoso Hiromi Uehara, or just Hiromi, sounds like the awesomely-cool-yet-wildly-improbable type of Japanese jazz starlet (or “japazzlet” heretofore) that either Barry Eisler or Haruki Murakami would imagine, let alone write about– she’s a cute, whimsical robot– like Wall-E, if, over the years, he had been interpreting and realizing the MIDI files of some Ken Burns’ PBS special from 2012, specifically the “jazz” section of their “website.”

Whimsical, yes, that’s it… but only whimsical enough to be ever-so-slightly behind the beat, as if their celestial ProTools had quantized their soul a bit to the left:

It’s actually quite good, borderline ecstatic in parts, however brief… but the tiniest, smallest, weeist part of your subconscious ear just knows that the performance is just slightly…

…less than human.

…or more than; either way….

Alien, yet intriguing.


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  1. This so far from what I would ever listen to of my own accord but the Murakami reference hooked me. I did some YouTubing and you can’t fault her infectious if slightly baffling intensity.

    1. There is definitely a strange, Smurf-like mania at work here. I find it simultaneously amusing, disturbing, and enthralling. Not sure if this means I actually like the music, or I find Hiromi interesting as a psychological case study. Potato, potahto.

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