Kadavar, Abra Kadavar

abra kadavarImagine Hans Gruber as a Pixar character in the Despicable Me world IF it came out in 1969 (and was played alternate Sat mornings with Scooby-Doo, obviously) AND the thing was scored by Cream BUT some suits just in from corporate gave Clapton and Co. the note “They should sound more like Black Sabbath, because that’s what the kids dig these days…” EXCEPT Cream didn’t really pull it off that well.*

This is what Abra Kadavar sounds like.


*This thought brought to you by the chorus,”Let the terror rise, I’m in my doomsday machine!”


  1. Gonzo blogging at its best. Take acid, listen to stoner rock, transcribe hallucinations. This post was definitely more memorable than the album.

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