Powermad, Part II

Powermad, cover image (hi res)Powermad has a new album coming out; here’s info about that.

Here’s where I wrote about Powermad almost five years ago.

Their full catalogue is now available to buy. No more piracy for you, unless that’s your thing. They’re the pinnacle of the thrash-metal “movement” of about 1990, which “nadir”-ed once grunge blossomed to the point of being on the cover of Time magazineAbsolute Power is a great record. Listen to it. Love it. Buy it, you piece of shit– you have nothing more holy in your life.


      1. I know what you mean. I do miss the satisfaction sometimes though of a crafting a post you could be proud of. That and our comment chats of course. Was I aware that we were connected on LinkedIn?? My memory is like Swiss cheese – damn 90s! Fun as that decade was, it’s fucked me for life.

      2. I completely agree; seeing the whole thing, together, is pretty great. (As are the comments.) Maybe this will inspire me to write online again.

        Yeah, I just checked to make sure my own overindulgences weren’t clouding my memory: we’re LinkedIn buds. :)

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