Imminent Screams of Joy

Dark Castle, “Seeing Through Time”

New Dark Castle album! Surrender to All Life Beyond Form, out May 17!

Download the first track, “Seeing Through Time,” here.

It’s a slight evolution over the esoteric, foreign-scaled riffage from their previous masterwork, Spirited Migration.

Spring 2011 is going to rule!

Microreview/ Imminent Screams of Joy: Northless

Sludge blues from Wilwaukee.

A bloated Crowbar on steroids, with some avant-jazz leanings in the guitars. Actual songwriting ability.

Hardcore shouts buried under fuzzed out riffs in drop F#….

“Flesh & Ghost”: Godflesh gangfucking Crowbar…. [Download]

“Clandestine Abuse”: An angry, progressive Conan? [Download]

Full length Clandestine Abuse comes out (vinyl only) around 3/20. Preorder.

Havok’s Time Is Up & Helstar’s Glory of Chaos: A new version of classic, and a classic version of new

Havok are bay area thrash throwbacks/ revivers, i.e., youngsters playing the old stuff: Helstar are old-school power/thrash metal: their new album’s out now.

Both Havok’s Time Is Up and Helstar’s Glory of Chaos have wonderful production: clear, powerful without clipping…. Both have great overall musicianship; speaking as a 25-year guitarist weaned on bay-area thrash metal, thrash can be very difficult shit to play, especially as a group. Both bands do well here, and seemingly easily.

First up: the newbies from Denver, Havok, and their second LP (after 2009’s Burn), produced by James Murphy: Time Is Up drops March 29. (more…)

Imminent Screams of Joy– Haarp, The Filth

[Wherein I’ll be waxing erotomanic about upcoming releases….]

Back in June I saw New Orleans’ Haarp open for Eyehategod and Nachtmystium: no one knew who they were, and they absolutely slayed. Singer Shaun stalked up and down the floor (not the stage) the whole show, and with his tar-thick N’awlins accent, made their set fly by. Dig:

Their first full length album, The Filth, comes out on 11/23/10.

UPDATE: Stream the brand-new track, “All, Alone” here.

Second update: stream “The blue chamber painted red” here.

Haarp Myspace

Pre-order The Filth