Saturday Morning Comics

Saturday Morning Comics: Nemesis

Or: Mark Millar’s idea of “What if the Batman were the Joker?” or, even more interestingly, “What if the Batman were a total cunt?” [From the British.]

Short, aka all-you-need-to-know version: “Nemesis,” the character and the comic, are an alternate-universe version of The Batman (Bruce Wayne, natch) if his parents were killed by police (because his parents were actually high-end criminals, abducting runaways and hunting them for sport), and who subsequently dedicated his life to eradicating all law-enforcement officials (instead of criminals, obvie).

It’s a Really Cool Idea.

It’s low on the dialogue, high on the gore-for-its-own-sake style of writing and illustrating, but it’s cool as all hell (in a socio/psychopathic sense).

Nemesis, is a billionaire badass martial artist extraordinaire. Nemesis, in his look-at-me I’m in All White because-I-want-you-to-see- me-coming style, is Goddamn cool beyond words.

Saturday Morning Comics: Fantomex

The character formation is pretenious and yet gritty and cool (he’s a “mash-up” of Fantômas and Diobolik, French and Italian baddasses, respectively), is a world-class shot, has two brains (screw you, Steven Martin), crazy elaborate powers, and may or may not be currently screwing Psylocke.

Damn, Fantomex, you da maaaaan….

Saturday Morning Comics: Omega Red

A Russian serial child killer who was executed without trail by gunshot, survived, and was recruited for a brutal KGB experiment which gave him enough super powers to make him a minor god.

And he looks like this:

Omega Red has retractable tentacles in both arms, that allow him to retrain, strangle, crush, whip, you name it, all while draining the life force of anyone touching them; unfortunately, they also slowly poison him, requiring him, vampire-like, to drain the lifeforce of others to sustain his own life.

He’s also superhumanly strong, fast, resilient, agile, etc. The usual supervillain repertoire.

AND he secretes toxic pheromones called “death spores” that kill normal humans nearby nearly instantly.

Essentially he’s the (more) nightmare version of Andrei Chikatilo.

Saturday Morning Comics: Midnighter

[Back by popular demand, new obscure characters from comics, just for you… and only here.]

Midnighter, nutshelled:

A homicidal/ arguably-sociopathic masked vigilante married to his longtime gay partner; or

As his creator* Warren Ellis described him: “The Shadow by way of John Woo”; or

An alternate (and darker and funnier) universe version of Batman.

Midnighter has been a member of several teams of superheroes, including The Authority, where his husband Apollo (the alternate universe’s Superman, essentially) was also a member.

So far, pretty distinct– but the coolest aspect of Midnighter is his primary power.

Whereas nearly every superhero’s powers involve some variations of super strength or endurance or resilience (which to some degree Midnighter does have, claiming to have beaten AIDS in six weeks), Midnighter’s bioengineered abilities are pretty unique:

He has two hearts, for one (boosting/ contributing to the above resilience and strength), and what amounts to a neural combat computer:

Midnighter can run simulations of a fight millions of times over before it starts– the simulations allow him to extrapolate every opponent’s moves and countermoves, essentially granting Midnighter a clairvoyance about how an opponent will behave (and so how to defeat them, if it’s at all possible).

He is also particularly violent, generally killing opponents, and particularly gory, generally killing opponents in horrific and disgusting ways.

…and also has an adopted daughter with Apollo.

*Artist Bryan Hitch also created Midnighter.

Saturday Morning Comics– Nightrunner

In the current storyline, Bruce Wayne makes the Batman an international organization, Batman, Inc.– meaning each major city in the world gets a specific “Batman.”

Which is fucking cool enough in itself. Nightrunner, “The French Batman,” is a Sunni Muslim and an Algerian immigrant. He’s wicked fit and practices parkour.

He was recruited by Bruce Wayne after Nightrunner came to his attention in the Algerian unrest in Paris (where Muslim sections are often off-limits to French police, even having their own laws); Nightrunner and a friend were beaten by French police who mistook them for rioters.

The friend burned down a police station later and was killed by police. Nightrunner’s reaction was more positive, thanks perhaps to his mother, a pious Muslim. Nightrunner is initially recruited (along with the new incarnation of The Question) to infiltrate a terrorist organization seeking to assassinate public officials to spark civil unrest. (more…)

Saturday Morning Comics: The Creeper

Just look at that guy. Holy Jesus.

Look like anyone familiar?

Just as Shroud was intended by his creator only as a mash up between Batman and The Shadow, The Creeper was created from the “What if the Joker were a good guy?” idea.

And it’s an awesome idea.

I’m not sure what actually would be scarier, this guy fighting crime or causing it.

Depending on which version you read, The Creeper is either an asshole talk show host who gets fused to his costume, injected with vaguely-defined stem/ nano cells, or is a species of demon.

Really, they’re all friggin’ sweet origin stories.

Now, we need Warren Ellis or Garth Ennis to write the definitive Creeper series, and we’re basically all set with life.

Saturday Morning Comics: The Demon, Etrigan

I keep coming back to serial killers or demons. I should examine that.

Etrigan is a demon, summoned by Merlin (the Merlin), and depending on which version of him you read, is either put into human host Jason Blood, or is Jason Blood.

There are tons of versions of him, and most depict him as huge, like a yellow bodybuilder on Super Soldier serum– but I think the most “realistic” (and scary) version of him was done in a 1987 4-issue mini-series called Demon by Matt Wagner and Art Nichols: the whole story essentially boils down to Etrigan’s attempt to rid himself of his human host, and takes place in Ireland and in several huge old libraries.  It’s awesome, and even (from my limited knowledge of such) gets the details of spell-casting correct.

The best part (more…)