Poll of the Year: Anti-Dealer Music?

I almost never do surveys, but I’m curious.

Let’s say the drug dealer beside you (and I’m not talking pot, I mean hard stuff and pills; the kind of dealer who attracts tweakers and junkies) is blasting some rap.

Now, I’m no expert at rap, but this stuff sounded pretty generic; not particularly heavy at all. Just LOUD.

What do you crank to counter this? What music, at first blush, is the most offensive?

I cranked Cryptopsy and their None So Vile, but also had Nachtmystium’s Assassins at the ready.


400 Posts baby

Dig, hepcat– the ‘wave has put out 400 posts since its inception.

If that’s not an excuse to get drunk, I don’t know what is.

Of course, I’m already drunk, but… still.

I’m hereby giving you permission to get drunk on my behalf. Sorry, Britain– you’re either pissed or not by now.

Deathgrind Day! July 29, 2011!

Grindcore wasn’t enough!

Death metal….…didn’t cut it!




is DeathGrind day [the difficulty of death metal, with the fury of Grindcore], here, for you, in the Year of 2011!

[Note: today is somehow inspired by oft-maligned deathgrind “supergroup” Lock Up, and their newest release, Necropolis Transparent.]

Utterly generic, yet inarguably athletic and enthusiastic deathgrind: