Decline of the West

Money Is Not Real

[Thanks again to Dex for letting me re-post this.]

Obviously, there’s been a shitload of discussion, these last few years, regarding the recession.

Most of it useless, abstract, conjectural finger-pointing, generally in a manner suggesting the furthering of political agendas: “Democrats did it,” “Republicans did it,” “Banks did it,” and so on.

I won’t pretend to understand the intricacies of economics. However, I’m not stupid. I went to college. I worked a long time at a job that required me to think critically about nearly everything.

And something in the economic brouhaha seemed wrong. (more…)

[Decline of the West:] Why Atheists and Fundamentalists are both idiots

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Stephen Hawking is fairly sacrosanct among intellectuals. Really most people. As Homer put it, “the wheelchair guy” is Heralded every few seconds.

And probably should be. He’s a smart motherfucker.

But this article on illustrates to me why, generally, either extreme point of view is usually a little batshit nuts, and often fully batshit nuts.

Far left liberals are usually crazy (I’ve lived in the northeast all my life; I know of what I speak), and far-right conservatives are fucking crazy too.


The answer’s really pretty simple: (more…)

Decline of the West, I

Dex Mobley here. I love the “heaviness” thing going here and wanted to contribute a bit now and again. Hope you like what I say– not me, which is a foregone conclusion.

I was a journalist. A gonzo journalist, actually. very proud of that. Hopefully I have something to contribute to this KY’ed wormpit called the interweb.

In the meantime, check me out here if you’ve got a minute. thanks.


Guest Column: Decline of the West

I recently came back into contact with a colleague from Up North (read: Roxbury, MA), who very graciously agreed to sporadically contribute a column he’s calling Decline of the West. I’ll excerpt his email to give you the details:

“…like discharge, just all the shit I couldn’t publish in an actual print newspaper. Worthless, really.”

Enjoy. I’ll be up later this weekend.