Possession, Christian Mistress

Very like The Devil’s Blood (i.e., highly capable female singer with traditional doom metal/ rock music background), but more 70s rock/metal, less 70s rock/pop. If that made any sense.

Shut up. You read this site. You knew very well what I meant.

“Over and over,” a satanic T-rex, a heavier Kansas… “Pentagram and Crucifix,” almost like a track from Danzig’s eponymous debut (and very nearly as sweet) with its alternating time (i.e., downbeat to forebeat in the verse)… “Conviction” is an (improbably) Y&T-like ripper….

“The Way Beyond” fires up a lap steel-laced acoustic intro and slows things down for a minute or two, before igniting a “Children of the Grave”-esque riff–

seriously, if you’re reading this site, you love stoner/doom riffs. This track alone would complete you sexually:

Guys: you could poke holes in a board with your dick after this one; girls, you could drown a toddler in your panties/knickers.

“Possession” has a great slinky riff not unlike (ironically) Danzig’s “Possession,”  (though it’s only reminiscent of it, at best), “Back to Gold” rocks and sways its hips like the best delta blues (Albert King, whaddya think of this?); “There is Nowhere” opens like a continuation of the end of “Symptom of the Universe” (funky, semi-tribal acoustics), “Haunted Hunted” has some freakin sweet twin lead harmonies, and closer “All Abandon” just rocks all-out, NWOBHM-ishly, then closes out this badass baby of a satanicish rock/ metal record with a dissonant, diabolus in musica of a final melody/riff.

All tracks, too, are nicely concise and brief (almost like they were radio-ready! ha! remember that?). No self-indulgent 10-minute tracks here. They can write songs and they do. It’s a nice change from most doom/ metal acts.

All in all: this is really fun doom/stoner/tradition metal. And I’m sober as a nun right now.* Imagine if you were otherwise.

*He said, despairingly.

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